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Talking about your personal life as an artist

June 24, 2016 Jeanine Smith

  One of the most nerve wracking parts of building a brand is figuring out what to say and how much of yourself to reveal outside of what you put in your songs.  These days everyone wants to see what you ate, what you wore, where you vacation, random selfies with hashtags and folks want to be snap chatted into oblivion.  What is a person who is purely into making music supposed to do in a climate like that?  

   Blog. I guess.  So what am I supposed to talk about.  Should I mention the ex that has no idea what our relationship was about or how about how much I hate the culture of attention seeking.  This click bait bullshit is for the birds but someone has to write something that gets people interested.  So here is a peek inside of my personal life.

    I'm a real life unicorn.  My core belief is that traditional Monogamy is stupid and ruining society.  I prefer to stay up late and sleep late because I really don't feel creative until 3am. This editorial portion will be handled by the homie Keniece. I am legitimately going to find a beat because I can't with this tonight.